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How to Provide Comprehensive Feedback to Facilitate Professional Growth 



What's inside

A 360 review takes time, money, and energy. More often than not, organizations dread them or see them as being ineffective and unsuccessful. 

Finding helpful information and tips on administering effective 360 reviews can be challenging, so we created this e-book packed full of information you can use to see the short and long-term benefits of using this process.

In this guide we discuss

  • What a 360 review is and isn’t 
  • How combined perspectives can elicit more insightful and holistic employee reviews 
  • How the feedback can be used by all contributors 
  • What the process can and can’t do 


Feedback given by supervisors in typical annual or semiannual reviews tends to focus on the employee’s level of success (or failure) in meeting the performance requirements of the role at that time. 

360 reviews, on the other hand, provide comprehensive feedback from several sources to help employees develop business and interpersonal skills that drive personal growth. 

Anyone, from a CEO to a store clerk, can benefit from the personal insights gained from 360 reviews -- and that makes it a powerful tool. 

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